War of the Dragons


Accident Times




Adventure, Good vs Evil, Dragons, Humans, War


The story is about the war between the good and wise dragons versus the evil and brutal dragons. A young woman is occupied just by dragons and old Chinese history find herself in the most important for 2 clans of dragons which have been fighting and living between people for so long without no one notice because they are masters of disguises and the only thing that shows that they are dragons are tattoos of a dragon in their neck and normal people are sometimes having it too so it is very hard to know who is and who is not. She is important coz she alone knows how to translate the signs on an old stone block that is the password for the portal that is sealing of the most evil and brutal dragon in history from the world. If he is getting free then the world will be destroyed by his fire except if the holy warrior form the last battle is awaken form his tomb. There is just one problem, no human or dragon knows where the tomb is and if they find it before it is too late, they need some blood, a tear and some hair form a virgin who is giving it by free will and have not done any evil in her heart. That woman is the main character and she releases both the brutal dragon because the evil dragons force her to and the holy warrior as she and the few remaining good dragons finds which she falls in love with and when he is hurt in the battle she takes his sword and armor and fight the dragon but in the end the dragon is too powerful for her too but with the last of her strength she kills the dragon by stabbing herself in the stomach and hitting the heart of the dragon so they both falls to the ground. The holy warrior runs over to her coz he is in love with her too just he did not have the chance to show her. He prays to the gods to give her life back in return for his because he is the one who should be fighting and killing the dragon. She wakes up but because the gods felt the warrior’s strong love for the woman they tell him take he shall enjoy the life coz it is the last he gets since the dragon is gone and the evils dragons have lost and the few good dragon is again living in secretly between people ready to protect the world for a 3000 years more.

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