White Lotus


Accident Times



Forbidden love, Fate, War, Peace


The story about a girl, who is the daughter of a warlord, in a time where peace is sealed by marriage the sons and daughters with each other. All her life she has learned that someday she will be married away to make peace with rival clans. The day have come and she meets her future husband and she gets married with him and starts having her life with him. One day she has to be transported to another place to be safe since people want to kill her and her husband and they are spilt up so no ones knows except for the secret guards. She is followed by a man who she slow gets to know on the trip and one day the worst thing happen, she falls in love with him but she tries to cover it form him. One day when she is bathing while he is guarding her, she caught him looking on her and the forbidden love between them starts and as time goes on they fall more and more in love. One day they gets to the new home of her and she have to make a choose between her love or marriage.

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