Year of Love


Normal Times




Love, Timetwister


The story is about a young guy who is all by himself in the world without any friends and of cause no girlfriend too. One new year evening, he walks alone he met a girl at a Chinese new year and they talk and have a nice new year and then the day after she is gone and then he is looking for her until the next year where he finds her again and this time she tell him the secret of why he cannot find him but before she can tell how they can be together forever she despairs again and for the next year he looks a lot of books about it and one day in an old school he finds a photo of her and ask the teacher working who she is and he finds out where she lives and then he finds her home only to find an old lady and he thinks it is her grandmother or something coz it cannot be the girl he meet so he leave a massage for the girl, he think coz the girl is the old lady but he come every day until the old woman do something that reminds him of her but he did not think about it then suddenly it is new year again he finally meet her again and by the time going they have a great time and suddenly he kiss her and then suddenly he is back in time with her and no one around him he know or anything but she tells him not to be afraid and she says I love you and she tells she was the old lady in his time and now they have a whole life to be together.

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